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Helping children find their self-care superpowers

Helping children find their self-care superpowers!

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What's in the box?

4-6 items delivering a self-care experience or resources and activities to help children learn about their body and mind and most importantly, how to  look after them!

The Calm Cats Box

Why do children need self care?

Regular selfcare helps build resilience, enables children to process difficult situations, manage big feelings and emotions, develop self-worth, rest, restore, nourish our bodies and minds. If we can help our children form healthy self-care habits form an early age that they can build on as they grow older we are providing them with tools for life.
Children Meditating
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Children Running
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Children's Cooking Class
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Child Carrying Vegetables
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Paper Craft
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Boy Leaning Against a Tree
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Playful Child
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Kids Blowing Bubbles
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Child Reading in the Grass
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Healthy Eating





Deep Breathing


Self-care is the best responsive and preventative measure we can offer our children when it comes to looking after their mental health