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Mrs S, Parent

"My daughter really enjoys Calm Cats sessions and has really benefited from doing them. We use some of the relaxation tools at home to help settle at bedtime and when she is upset or angry breathing techniques really help her to calm down. I highly recommend Calm Cats."

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Andrea Bell, Founder and CEO, ADHD Norfolk

At ADHD Norfolk we highly recommend Hannah from Calm Cats to support children to develop self regulation skills, breathing techniques and to support children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. With an experienced background the Special Educational Needs field and her skills as a therapist, Hannah brings a truly unique approach to her service. Hannah is a warm natured person bringing a sense of Calm, that cannot be ignored by the child and young people she works with.  We have referred many of our young people to Calm Cats with fantastic results. Parents have seen benefits of increased focus and concentration, increasing their self esteem and confidence especially when they met others with ADHD and realised they were not alone. Hannah has an excellent ability to tailor her service to meet the needs of the children she works with.  Every child should be given the opportunity to no just experience Calm Cats but learn the skills to use throughout their lives.


Charlie, Parent

Calm Cat for Testimonial.png

Miss Moore, Teacher and Early Years Coordinator

Hannah and Calm Cat came into our school as part of Children's  Mental Health week to work with children from early years to key stage 2. The activities she organised were brilliantly differentiated for the different age groups and abilities and she had nursery through to key stage 2 thoroughly engaged in her fun and active sessions. She taught the children a range of breathing, yoga and meditation techniques that they are already independently using to support themselves in their classrooms.  Many of the parents have already commented that they are also teaching their parents their new strategies at home.All of the children were completely captivated by Hannah and Calm at and it was a joy to see how they responded to her. The children are already asking when Hannah and calm cat can visit again as are our teaching assistants and teachers who also really enjoyed the sessions. A truly inspiring morning for the last day of mental health week. Thank you Hannah .  


Issy Southcott, Occupational Therapist

This is no better time than now to equip your child with a toolbox of strategies to learn how to self manage and self sooth.   Hannah's passion, dedication and commitment to the support and  development of young minds shines through in what she has developed with Calm Cats. Its epitomizes the social, emotional and mental well being needs of young people in today's climate. She takes a thoughtful and nurturing approach in encouraging children to get to know their emotional minds, teaching  them positive ways to express and  understand their feelings.  This type of support doesn't need justification, its what our young people need and deserve to help them be the best version of themselves.  

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