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The Calm Cats Tool Kit - Delivering calm and relaxation straight to your door.

The Calm Cats Toolkit is everything you need to help the children in your home or work place experience, learn and practice essential, life long skills that promote, support and nurture emotional health and wellbeing.  The toolkit delivers fun, engaging and easily accessible activities that provide valuable therapeutic input. For example (but not limited to) meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindful practice, visualisation and relaxation techniques. The toolkit is comprised of a pack of the signature Calm Cats Therapuetic Activity Cards along with with 8 fantastic resources that support the use of the cards:


1 x Windmill

1 x Soft toy cat

1 x Musical triangle

1 x Blizzard Bubble Blower

1 x  Squeezy cat stress reliever toy

1 x Projector lamp

1 x Eye Mask

10 x Feathers


The 49 cards are split in to 7 sections:









The toolkit is really easy to use. Simply pick a card and follow the instructions using the associated resource (if one is required).


NB Some resources may differ from those seen in the picture 


Calm Cats Toolkit

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