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Do you have a child who

  • struggles to manage big feelings and emotions
  • frequently experiences overwhelm at home or in the classroom
  • is easily stressed 
  • suffers from anxiety
  • Finds the school day challenging
  • Has a suspected or diagnosed learning difference or special educational need


Or perhaps you would like to introduce emotional regulation strategies to your children at home or in the classroom to teach them valuable coping strategies and healthy habits for life?


If this sounds like you then, The Calm Cats Therapeutic Activity Cards are just what you need. They are a pack of 49, fun, child-focused, activity cards providing therapeutic input to promote, nurture and support children's emotional health and wellbeing.


The activities teach children how to use their body, breathing, senses, thoughts, and imagination to learn to focus, relax, find calm, process emotions, manage big feelings, change state, boost confidence and self-esteem, moderate behavior and much much more! 


The versatile cards are split into 7 sections Move : Stretch : Breathe : Focus :  Meditate : Imagine : Relax


Suitable for children aged 3+


You may also be interested in the Calm Cats Toolkit that includes resources to support some of the activities in the card deck.

Calm Cats Therapeutic Activity Cards

SKU: 200
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