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Blissful Bubbles Relaxation

You will need - Bubbles (gazillions or similar are best), some relaxing music, a comfy spot to lay in, disco light or candles

Suitable for - The younger the better! I think it’s best to start learning skills for life as early as possible.

When for - Great activity to include in the bedtime routine, but, can be done whenever really. Its a lovely one for a warm, sunny day in the garden too.

Duration - This really is child dependent. A couple of minutes may be enough to start with, especially as the aim of the session is not to touch! With practice you can build the session length over time.

What you do - Set the atmosphere with the music, comfy space and lighting. Ask the children to get as comfy as they can and to start taking some relaxed breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. As they are relaxed breathing, explain to them that you are going to blow some bubbles in the air and that you just want them to use their eyes and WATCH the bubbles floating in the air. When the bubbles are in full float, ask the children to tell you what they notice about the bubbles - their shape, size, colours, what can they see in the reflection? Do the bubbles remind them of anything? How do the bubbles make them feel?

Why? - This really simple activity has so many benefits and it’s one that children get really excited about and love doing! It’s also super easy and really versatile so can be differentiated for children’s different needs.

During this activity the children are being (or practicing being) mindful - paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally (Jon Kabat Zinn) Mindfulness, when used regularly, helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, improve concentration and attention, develops an awareness of body, thoughts and emotions and increases executive functioning skills.

With the aim of Blissful Bubbles being just to WATCH, the children are really having to focus on just exploring one sense. For some children this is really hard! You will notice from the video that my son does incredibly well for a short time, but the overwhelming urge to use more of his body results in him trying to eat the bubbles instead! This is a great activity for children who have impulsive behaviours to practice on a regular basis.

At the very least, Blissful Bubbles is a time to just stop, relax, breath and be. This is something we all need to do more of in my opinion. So, go on, give it a go!

x Hannah x

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