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A Windy Wheel

You will need - A square piece of paper, some felt tips, a pair of scissors, a drawing pin, pencil or paper straw and the cut off end of a cork (some tape to cover the pointy bit of the pin)

Assembly Instructions - Decorate the square of paper on both sides. Cut a slit from each corner about two thirds of the way into the middle. Fold every other corner into the middle of the square and push the pin through. Push the pin into the pencil or straw and make safe by covering any protruding pin with some cork or some tape.

Suitable for - 3+ (adult help with making)

When for - Any time, anywhere that a calming breath is needed.

Duration - The crafting and making part of this activity takes around 20 minutes. Using the Windy Wheel can be just for a few minutes at a time to practice but I would recommend spending at least 5 minutes on focused breathing to help restore calm during situations of stress, worry, anxiety or upset.

What you do - Breath in through the nose for a count of 1, 2, 3 and exhale through the mouth, directing the breath toward the Windy Wheel so that it makes the Windy Wheel turn. Repeat. You can play around seeing who can make it turn for the longest, can you make it turn longer than you did the last time, can you make it go fast/slow. Always check in on completion of the activity to see how the child(ren) feel. Where and how do they feel different to before using the Windy Wheel?

Why? - This pretty simple activity is a good go-to tool to help the body and mid feel calm during moments of stress, worry, anxiety, upset of frustration. Breath work is a powerful technique which calms the nervous system, lowers the heart rate and helps us to regain mental clarity. And its good fun too!

x Hannah x

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